Available on all mobile platforms

VIA is a Dutch company and specializes in software with relation to road safety. They use OsmSharp for routing and decoding/encoding traffic information. They are sponsoring some of the development-effort put into OsmSharp in the open-source spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm in developing new technologies.

Flowpilots is a full service agency for mobile enterprise applications. OsmSharp was used in the development rich-content apps containing offline vector maps and offline turn-by-turn navigation. The maps have custom styling to match the look-and-feel to the rest of the app.

OsmSharp is used at Deltamedia, a subsidiary of the Belgian Post (BPost). They manage the delivery of over 150.000 newspapers daily and a number of magazines and other similar publications. OsmSharp is used as a routing and planning system to optimize their daily delivery routes.

Each day almost all the the delivery routes are re-calculated resulting in over 180.000.000 routing requests per day. On top of this an optimization algorithm is used to optimize the routes and distribution of customers per route.

Routing is one of the first features that was implemented and the reason for starting OsmSharp. Routing is implemented in different flavors, from naive routing algorithms like Dijkstra and A-Star to Contraction Hierarchies. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages to cover most of the routing use-cases that are common today.

Mobile offline routing & navigation is also supported by a highly optimized format to port routing networks to mobile devices without excessive memory usage.

OsmSharp is completely written in C# and uses Xamarin to target all popular mobile platforms out there in addition to the regular .NET Framework on Windows and Mono on Linux/OSX. This enables one codebase across platforms and allows users of OsmSharp to also use the same strategy and codebase when building cross-plaform applications.

For web-applications it is no problem for OsmSharp to be used with, for example, Leaflet

OsmSharp can render maps in any style you want using MapCSS. This enables OsmSharp to defines styles for any form of vector data and allows you to:

  • Decide what you want to show on your maps.
  • Style your maps according to the style of your app.
  • Add any data you like in any style.